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Sometimes when you are there, you may feel overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many expectations to be done in one night. That is why we want to show you the lighter side of hackathons, so that you’ll just have fun while you’re there.

Inspire you to build great things!

Being exposed to these kinds of events makes you see things in a different perspective. With your knowledge & skills and with these inspirations, we hope that one day you’ll find what you really love to do and just hack it, whether in a hackathon or just at home. (^_^)

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How we started?

It all started one day in a Hackathon ("Master of Code Singapore", March 28-29, 2015 to be exact), where we, Andrew, Doug, Michie & Rubi, saw each other again, after a month leg of hackathons. We never had a chance to talk much before until this hackathon and we couldn't stop talking about things that we have experienced in all the hackathons we have been to--like people you would meet, what you would learn in such a short time span, and those bloopers you just bump into during these events. We couldn't stop laughing imagining the possible scenarios like “What if there were two hackathons, happening at the same time, and you decided to attend both, how would you do it?” - Imagine, it’s like being in two different dates and you have to make sure you’re performing at your best while both parties don’t know that you are dating someone else at the same time.

And then the idea of a Hackathon Entertainment Youtube Video was born. A place where we can just show the lighter side of hackathons and how to have fun with it.

Also, we noticed that there wasn’t any single portal that shows the different hackathons all over the world and updates about them too.

Because of that, we decided to build “What The Hack”, the only place you’ll need to get your daily dose of hackathon information online and since we are the only one doing the Hackathon Entertainment thing, we can say that we are “Your No.1 Hackathon Entertainment Portal” Lol (^-^)

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