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2 thoughts on “What The Hack Channel

  • Having a site discussing hackathons is a rather interesting idea but the overused sound effects in your videos gets annoying pretty quick.

    Perhaps you could introduce an element of competition at the macro level like we do in the security competition community at https://ctftime.org/ where we keep track of hacking competitions with a nifty calendar as well as get a sense of progress with the ratings you get with every CTF you participate in.

    • Hi Amon,

      Thanks so much for the comment. We will revised the videos and take into consideration your feedback especially the sound effects.
      Interesting suggestion on introducing an element of competition at the macro level for hackathons. We will discuss on how we can organize something like that.

      I’ll send you an email anytime this week maybe we can collaborate together in some way.

      Michie :)

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